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This site is for parents, teens and businesses in Indiana. The site has information that can help parents prepare teen drivers for the road ahead. The goal is to reduce teen deaths on local roads!



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Winter IS Here!





Be Prepared

  • Before leaving home, find out about the driving conditions. Safe drivers know the weather, and their limits

  • Keep your gas tank at least half full to prevent gas line freezing

  • Carry a winter survival kit which should include: blankets, flashlight and extra batteries, a brightly colored cloth, sand (or a bag of cat litter), shovel, candle and matches, non-perishable high calorie foods (nuts, raisins, and candy bars), newspapers (for insulation), a first aid kit and jumper cables.

Drive According To Road Conditions

  • Allow extra time to get where youíre going

  • Clear all windows of ice and snow  - remember to remove snow from hood, roof and lights

  • Slow steady starts prevent needless spinning of the wheels

  • Pavement is twice as slippery at 32 degrees as it is at 0 degrees

  • Beware of bridges, underpasses, overpasses, shaded areas and intersections where ice is slow to melt

  • SLOW DOWN - it increases traction

  • Avoid abrupt stops and starts - slow down gradually and keep wheels
    turning to avoid getting stuck

  • Use low beam headlights to
    decrease glare from ice

  • Wet pavement can cause
    at speeds as low as 35 mph -
    wheels may lose contact with the pavement
    causing a skid or spin

Drive Defensively     

  • Wear your safety belt at all times

  • Donít tailgate -- always leave a safety cushion of at least two car lengths per 10 mph youíre traveling

  • When braking on ice apply gentle but firm pressure without locking brakes

  • Watch for pedestrians - poor visibility and slippery conditions provide hazardous walkways and crossings

  • anticipate othersí actions

  • Give snowplows room to work. Snowplows are wide and can cross the centerline or shoulder. Donít tailgate and try not to pass. If you must pass, take extreme caution and beware of the snow cloud

If You Should Become Stranded

  • Donít leave your car - itís the best protection you have!

  • Tie a brightly colored cloth to your antenna

  • Roll down a window a small amount

  • Keep the exhaust pipe free of blockage to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Leave the dome light on at night to aid search parties

  • Donít panic - an idling car uses only one gallon of gas per hour

Source: Indiana State Police


Learn weather, traffic and construction information BEFORE you depart by visiting http://www.trafficwise.in.gov/ or calling
1-800-261-ROAD (7623).



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