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This site is for parents, teens and businesses in Indiana. The site has information that can help parents prepare teen drivers for the road ahead. The goal is to reduce teen deaths on local roads!



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Snow. It is going to happen. Are you ready? Keep yourself safe on the roads this winter. By following some basic safety tips and advice you'll be ready for winter driving... so let it snow!

  • Before leaving home, find out about the driving conditions. Safe drivers know the weather, and their limits

  • The faster you’re going, the longer it will take to stop. When accelerating on snow or ice, take it slow to avoid slipping or sliding.

  • Give yourself space. It takes extra time and extra distance to bring your vehicle to a stop on slick and snowy roads. Leave extra room between you and the vehicle in front of you.

  • Remove any snow on your vehicle’s windows, lights, brake lights and signals. Make sure you can see and be seen.

  • Check your vehicle’s tires, wiper blades, fluids, lights, belts and hoses. A breakdown is bad on a good day, and dangerous on a bad-weather day.

  • Leave plenty of time to reach your destination safely. It’s not worth putting yourself and others in a dangerous situation just to be on time.

  • Be aware of what’s going on well ahead of you. Actions by other vehicles will alert you to problems more quickly, and give you that split-second of extra time to react safely.

Source: Indiana Department of Transportation


Learn weather, traffic and construction information BEFORE you depart by visiting http://www.trafficwise.in.gov/ or calling
1-800-261-ROAD (7623).



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