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This site is for parents, teens and businesses in Allen County, Indiana. The site has information that can help parents prepare teen drivers for the road ahead. The goal is to reduce teen deaths on local roads!



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Eyes Forward: Drive Alive


Almost half of traffic accident
deaths are passengers, not drivers.

Be a good passenger.


We al know how important it is to be a good driver, but what about being a good passenger. . . you also have some responsibilities.


  1. ALWAYS wear your seatbelt.  Always.

  2. Riding in a car is a social situation.  Be ready to make conversation with the driver - but don't be a distraction - think about what would distract you
    if YOU were driving. 

  3. If driving conditions are dangerous stop talking until the difficulty has passed - let the driver concentrate on driving.

  4. Be ready to assist the driver with directions or reading a map if asked to help.

  5. Don't be afraid to speak up if the driver is going too fast, or doing something reckless.

  6. Thank the driver for driving!




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